East Tennessee’s longest-running sports show on TV.
The biggest audience in East Tennessee sports media.
An audience so loyal, we rarely have advertising openings on the show.

Whether it’s a 15-second ad and a ticker banner or live ads and on-set signage, The Sports Source can help you build your brand. There’s a reason most of our clients have been with us week in and week out for more than a decade.

Plus, if you need spot production, marketing strategy, or media-buying advice, John Pennington has thirty years of media experience to aid you.

Just see what some of our current and past clients have to say about The Sports Source…

“We’ve been in business for 40 years and still find it difficult to track what advertising works.  But since working with John, it is easy to track when both men and women come in saying, ‘We found out about you on The Sports Source.’  It’s no accident we were up double-digits last year.”

Scott Mellon

Games & Things

“The Sports Source is the only advertising we can ever track.  It’s the only thing we get a direct response from and it is a very consistent response.  We’ve done a lot of advertising in 20 years of business and The Sports Source has been the best.”

JJ Surlas

Safe T Systems

“The Sports Source with John Pennington has been one of our best advertising vehicles over the past five years.  While analyzing our return on investment, The Sports Source ranks at the very top each year.  The loyal audience that John has cultivated uses Junk Bee Gone over and over again.”

Mike Such

Junk Bee Gone and Paper Bee Gone

“We got an immediate response.  When people travel to Madisonville to buy a boat because John asks them to, well, that’s ad money well spent.”

Steve Sloan

Madisonville Marine

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with John Pennington on The Sports Source.  He has created a terrific product with an incredibly loyal viewership that continues to grow every month.  John is a creative, outside-the-box marketing strategist who provides unique insights on each of his clients’ businesses.  We’ve seen a great return on investment and thank John for his genuine care of our company’s performance.”

Jake Ogle

Parkside Cabin Rentals and Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Company

“We hadn’t done advertising in the past and these were unchartered waters for us.  John’s help with strategy, messaging and spot production proved invaluable.  Beginning the week after our first show our walk-in traffic increased significantly.”

Gordon Heins

AG Heins Company

“The Sports Source is the single best decision we’ve made to increase sales and awareness.  Working with John has been a pleasure and he works very hard to accommodate the needs of his clients.  John is always very proactive to recommend changes/additions that may help promote certain elements of our business.”

Kevin Bailey

The Tapoco Lodge

“Partnering with John was definitely one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Deborah McMillan

Tennova Healthcare

“I have tried advertising with nearly every source of media available, spending thousands of dollars and getting little or no return.  When I got with The Sports Source — WOW — was I joyfully surprised!  New customers began flowing in after watching John’s show.  My sales increased 30% in six months and my customer base doubled.  I had to hire another employee just to keep up.  Thanks to The Sports Source it was very easy.”

Deb Dadisman

Fast Frame (now Express Frame)

“In the middle of road construction troubles that hurt the businesses around me, my business actually went up when I signed on with John.  He cares as much about what he can do for my business as he does what I’m doing for his business.  He even helped with our overall marketing strategy and outside media plan.”

Mike Hicks

Blue Smoke Cigar

“Before retiring, I had the pleasure of working with The Sports Source for five-plus years.  I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship and always felt it was one of our best investments, hands down.  During our association we had new members each month cite The Sports Source as their reason for joining.  John takes a personal interest in his sponsors to make sure they’re happy and seeing positive results.  In advertising there are so many associations that fall short of expectations; a relationship with John and The Sports Source is not one of them.”

Melissa Watkins

Enrichment Federal Credit Union

“The Sports Source has been, undoubtedly, our most reliable advertising campaign.  When I work with John, I’m working with the creator of The Sports Source and the very person whose success is tied to my success.  Over the years, I’ve dealt with many account managers with several different advertising entities and never have I felt they were invested in my success the way John is.”

Matthew Haynes

Southeast Termite and Pest Control

Join The Sports Source team and find out why we’ve had clients stay with us year-round for 10+ years!

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