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How would you like for your company’s message to be seen and heard every week by the most loyal audience in East Tennessee? When it comes to sports shows, no TV or radio show in Knoxville can equal our year-round audience.

And it’s an engaged, passionate audience.

Whether its 15- or 30-second ads, on-set signage, online advertising, or our proven in-show mentions, The Sports Source is the perfect vehicle for building your brand. We even provide help with commercial production and overall marketing strategy when needed.

There’s a reason we have so little turnover on our show… The Sports Source WORKS.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out testimonial after testimonial from these current and past partners:

"I have tried advertising with nearly every source of media available, spending thousands of dollars getting little or no return. When I got with The Sports Source - WOW - was I joyfully surprised! New customers began flowing in after watching John's show. My sales increased 30% in six months and my customer base doubled. I had to hire another employee just to keep up. Thanks to The Sports Source this whole this whole process was easy."

Deb Dadisman
Fast Frame

"Advertising with John and The Sports Source has been a great experience! It has generated over $300,000 worth of business in only six months. Thanks to The Sports Source my business has tripled. A great return on my investment!"

Dan Benedict
Benedict Construction

"I do a lot of advertising and I receive the MOST feedback on this show. They put a personal touch to our advertising and make us sound like we're 'all that, plus more.' Viewers feel GREAT about State Farm when they watch this program."

Cindy Doyle
State Farm Insurance

"We got an immediate response. When people travel to Madisonville to buy a boat because John asks them to, well, that's ad money well spent."

Steve Sloan
Madisonville Marine

"Before retiring, I had the pleasure of working with The Sports Source for 5+ years. I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship and always felt this was one of our best investments, hands down. And during our association we had new members each month cite The Sports source as their reason for joining EFCU. John takes a personal interest in his sponsors to make sure that they are happy and seeing positive results. In advertising there are so many associations that fall short of expectations... a relationship with John and The Sports Source in not one of them."

Melissa Watkins
Enrichment Federal Credit Union

"In the middle of road construction problems that hurt the businesses around me, my business actually went up when I signed on with John. He cares as much about what he can do for my business as he does what I'm doing for his business."

Mike Hicks
Smokin' Joe's

"In the world of healthcare, a patient telling a positive story about their hospital admission, treatment and/or recovery is absolutely golden. It's worth more than any traditional advertising dollar could buy. I realize it's a role John would have never imagined himself in, but through his Sports source program, he has become our spokesperson for men's health. By talking about his cancer diagnosis in an open forum it helps alleviate fears others might have. Partnering with John was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made. We look forward to working with John and The Sports Source for years to come."

Deborah McMillan
Tennova Healthcare

"John has been instrumental in helping me position my products for his audience each week. That was critical since my company offers some unique products and services. It showed that John truly cares about his sponsors and their success. My business revenue increased approximately 17% year over year in an industry that typically grows 5% per year. More importantly, I was also able to obtain business from larger companies that had never heard of Jinx Logos. I am very pleased with the return on investment and would recommend The Sport Source to any size company looking to increase its profit line and brand recognition."

Jimmy Andrews
Jinx Logos

"We have had several homeowners say they called us because of The Sports Source. Usually when we give an estimate, we are just one of a handful of companies someone has called. However, when people call because of The Sports Source... they feel a personal connection. In those cases, there's no bidding war. They just ask, 'How much?' and 'When can we do it?'."

Matthew Hayes
Southeast Termite & Pest Control

"Thanks for the great job you're doing. The client saw one of your mentions this weekend and LOVEDDDD ITTTTTT!"

Max DiNatale
Media Buyer (Tennova Healthcare)

"I LOVE The Sports Source! John does such a great job. He really goes out of his way to personalize what he says about us during the in-show mentions."

Jacque Townsend
State Farm Insurance

Join The Sports Source team and find out why we’ve had clients stay with us year-round for 10+ years!
Contact John Pennington for more info.

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